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One-on-One Consultations

In these consultations, I will create personalized nutrition supplement protocols that are appropriate for your bio-individuality. All bodies need different support to work optimally, so let's find what works for YOU.

Image by Jason Leung
Pantry Clean-outs + Healthy Restocking

Let's healthify your pantry! I will help you every step of the way through what to keep and what to throw away and WHY. With the "throw away" items, I will teach what products to replace them with so you can keep eating your favorite foods in a healthier way

Image by Thomas Le
Market Tours (One-on-One or Small Group)

During a Market Tour I will lead you through many aisles of your local grocery store or market and provide you with a wealth of nutritional product information. These can be general "what do I buy in this market?" tours or we can tailor them specifically for your own family's diet needs.

Couple Cooking
Nutrient Dense Cooking Classes (One-on-One or Small Group)

In these classes you'll learn how to make extremely nourishing food taste delicious. These classes can be created by me for your general education or I can create a class full of recipes specific to your needs.

Speaking Engagements

Contact me for workshops and presentations for corporations, schools, and other community organizations. This is how we reach large groups and teach everyone how to HEALTHIFY!

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